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Yeast Extract Lab Grade - 10g

Yeast Extract Lab Grade - 10g

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Enhance your microbiological experiments with our Lab Grade Yeast Extract. This high-quality product serves as a key ingredient for promoting the growth of liquid cultures and agar. From accelerating growth to dissolving clearly in your media, it's a versatile tool for researchers. However, be mindful of the dosage, as stronger solutions can lead to excessively thick growth, which might affect the usability of your samples. Elevate your microbiology work with this Yeast Extract.

  • Lab Grade Quality: Our Yeast Extract adheres to strict laboratory standards, ensuring dependable and reproducible results for your experiments.

  • Protein Enhancement: This extract provides a substantial protein boost, fostering vigorous and robust growth in your microbiological samples.

  • Swift and Sturdy Growth: With the addition of Yeast Extract, anticipate accelerated and resilient growth patterns, enabling you to achieve your desired results more quickly.

  • Clear Dissolution: The Yeast Extract is designed to dissolve clearly in your media, seamlessly integrating into your cultures without causing interference.

  • Optimal Dosage: You can utilize up to 0.1-0.2g per 500ml of culture or agar. Yet, exercise caution when determining the dosage, as a stronger solution can lead to faster but potentially thicker growth, which may impact the usability of your samples.

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