Reishi Grow Kit Instructions

(DO NOT OPEN THE BAG!) Please be aware that despite our best efforts, this product may be susceptible to contamination, which can manifest as a blue patch of mold. If such mold is visible prior to opening the bag, please contact us immediately with a photo via the live chat below for a free-of-charge replacement.
*Reishi is used as a medicinal mushroom and not gourmet.*

  1. Remove the bag from box, If the bag comes with lose material work your hands around packing the material down.

  2. Place the bag upright with the filter at the top in a warm spot out of direct sunlight.

  3. Be patient. Reishi needs a long time to grow. The block can take 2 weeks to fully colonise (White mycelium will grow throughout the soil.)

  4. Reishi antlers will begin to form on the top of the block, they will grow upwards in search of oxygen.

  5. Once the antlers reach the filter patch it is time to increase airflow, do this by cutting the top corners of the bag.

  6. When the tips of the antlers turn from white to orange new growth has ceased, harvest by gently pulling from the block.