Lion's Mane Grow Kit - Instructions

*Please note our old video instructions can be found here*

Please be aware that despite our best efforts, this product may be susceptible to contamination, which can manifest as a blue patch of mold. If such mold is visible prior to opening the bag, please contact us immediately with photos via the live chat below for a free-of-charge replacement. 

Happy Growing!

I have a patch of blue/green mold within my bag before i have opened it.
Please contact us with pictures for a free of charge replacement.
Do not be deterred by small outbreaks of mold as it may not ultimately effect the fruits, especially if the mycelium has a head start!

My Lion's mane has escaped the bag / Is showing pink/brown discolouration.

The pink / brown discolouration shows stress, this is a result of low humidity as it has escaped the bag, do what you can to increase humidity by either misting the bag without misting the fruit with water or by adding wet cardboard/ a cloth near where the fruit has escaped to increase humidity. 

My Lion's mane grow kit has liquid at the bottom:

Nothing to worry about these are metabolites, you can use a pin or make a small hole in the bottom of the bag to drain these, also the bag pictured above seems to be a little bit dry on the inside, keep moisture up by spritzing the bag or wiping with a wet cloth.

I have low humidity / no moisture on the inside of my bag.
Add moisture to your bag either by spritzing water onto the insides of the bag or by wiping with a damp cloth, try to avoid spritzing the lion's mane fruit directly as this can cause issues.

I have condensation inside the bag.
Condensation is good, keeping humidity up creates an ideal environment for the mushrooms to grow.

Does my kit need to be in a dark space?
The bag should be kept out of direct sunlight, a dark place is ideal but not completely necessary.

What temperature does my kit need to be in?
Temperatures of 14°C-26°C is ideal. higher temperatures will increase the speed of growth.

What can I do with my grow kit once it has finished producing mushrooms?
Mix with compost before potting up or planting fruit and vegetables. Your plants will appreciate the extra nutrients that the mycelium, substrate and grain provide. 

In addition, trichoderma which is already present in the compost will feed off and break down the substrate while colonising the plants roots building good  immunity and protecting the plant from soil and airborne pathogens while also discouraging aphids. 


How about giving a helping hand to bees while making up some nutritious plant food. 

Break up the substrate and soak in water. Take a hand full of the soaked substrate, squeeze out excess water and roll into a ball with some wild flower seeds. Leave to dry for a few hours and you've got an Instant wild flower bomb . 

Use the water also for some awesome extra plant nutrients. 

Broken down substrate can be used in many other garden friendly ways such as a mulch for plants and trees, mixed in hanging basket compost to retain moisture, on path ways mixed with or in place of decorative bark, or simply throw in the compost bin for a little extra umph !