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CVG Instructions:

  1. Prepare Coco Coir Blocks: If you have coco coir blocks, hydrate them by placing them in a container and gradually adding warm water. Break the coir into smaller pieces after it absorbs the moisture. Be cautious not to over-hydrate at this point.

  2. Measure Coco and Vermiculite Precisely: In separate containers, measure the hydrated coco coir and vermiculite in equal parts by volume, following a 50/50 ratio. Add gypsum at 1% of the total weight of the mixture.

  3. Check Field Capacity: Ensure the substrate's field capacity is right. Grab a handful of the hydrated substrate and squeeze it to check for 1-3 drops of water. Be cautious not to over-hydrate the mix.

  4. Bag the CVG: Transfer the prepared CVG substrate into a suitable bag. This step sets the stage for sterilization.

  5. Sterilize at 15 PSI for 2 Hours: Place the bagged CVG substrate in a pressure cooker and heat it to 15 PSI for 2 hours. This process is crucial to eliminate contaminants and ensure a clean substrate for mushroom cultivation.

  6. Cool:After sterilization, allow the substrate to cool to room temperature.