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PolySoil Beetle Frass - A Nutrient-Rich Soil and Fertilizer for Optimal Growth

PolySoil Beetle Frass - A Nutrient-Rich Soil and Fertilizer for Optimal Growth

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Discover the secret to thriving plants and mushrooms with our PolySoil Beetle Frass, a locally sourced product from BugDaddy. This exceptional frass is derived from multiple beetle species, including megasoma, dynastes, and xylotrupes sp., making it a versatile and highly nutritious soil and substrate additive.

Key Features:

  • Rich in Chitin: Our PolySoil Beetle Frass is loaded with chitin, a key component for stimulating plant and mushroom growth. Chitin helps enhance root development and overall health.

  • High in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium: With elevated levels of these essential nutrients, our frass acts as a powerful fertilizer, promoting robust and vigorous growth in your plants and mushrooms.

  • Multipurpose Use: Whether you're growing a lush garden, cultivating magnificent mushrooms, or nurturing exotic plants, PolySoil Beetle Frass is an all-in-one solution for improved soil quality.

  • Mushroom Enthusiast's Delight: This frass is particularly favored by mushroom growers, as it creates the ideal conditions for mycelium development and mushroom fruiting.

  • Recommended Application: To achieve the best results, add PolySoil Beetle Frass as upto 10% of your total substrate or soil by weight. This proportion provides the perfect balance of nutrients without overwhelming your plants or mushrooms.

PolySoil Beetle Frass is your ticket to vibrant and flourishing plant life, including your favourite mushrooms. Sourced locally from BugDaddy, this nutrient-rich frass is trusted by both gardening enthusiasts and professional growers alike. Elevate your gardening and mushroom cultivation to the next level with PolySoil Beetle Frass. Your plants and mushrooms will thank you with remarkable growth and yields.

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