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Gellan Gum - 40g

Gellan Gum - 40g

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Gellan Gum is a popular choice as a substitute for agar when preparing clear plates for microbiological and mycological applications. Unlike agar, Gellan Gum offers enhanced clarity, making it easier to observe microbial and fungal growth
  • Enhanced Clarity: Gellan Gum is a preferred alternative to agar for producing clear plates, providing improved visibility of microbial and fungal growth.

  • Optimal Dosage: While the usual recommendation is to use 1% of the total weight of the solution, our experience has shown that using around 2.5% of Gellan Gum yields better results.

  • Easy Dispersion: To prevent clumping, it is advisable to disperse Gellan Gum in cold water before heating, ensuring even distribution for consistent plate quality.

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