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Pioppino mushroom Liquid Culture 'Cyclocybe aegerita' 10ml

Pioppino mushroom Liquid Culture 'Cyclocybe aegerita' 10ml

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Introducing our Pioppino/Black Poplar liquid culture, contained within a convenient 10ml syringe. This specialized liquid culture is meticulously prepared to provide optimal results in your mushroom cultivation journey. With its unique characteristics and delightful flavors, Pioppino/Black Poplar mushrooms (Cyclocybe aegerita) are a popular choice among mushroom enthusiasts. The liquid culture comes complete with a luer lock and sterile 18g needle, ensuring precise and efficient inoculation. Recommended for Colonization/Pinning/Fruiting Temperatures of 21-26/10-16/13-18 °C, this versatile mushroom variety thrives in a specific temperature range, allowing for successful cultivation in various environments. Unlock the potential of Pioppino/Black Poplar mushrooms with our reliable and ready-to-use liquid culture. Start your mushroom-growing adventure today!

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