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Fan Hepa Filter Laminar Flow Unit

Fan Hepa Filter Laminar Flow Unit

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Get ready for cleaner, fresher lab air with our Lab Fan Hepa Filter Units. These powerful units are designed to provide you with enhanced air quality. We're offering two sizes to choose from, ensuring we meet your unique lab needs:

2'x2' 600m3/h Lab Fan Hepa Filter Unit: Ideal for smaller lab spaces, this unit boasts a flow rate of 600 cubic meters per hour. Perfect for individual workstations, research areas, or compact laboratories, it will help maintain a pristine lab environment.

4'x2' 1200m3/h Lab Fan Hepa Filter Unit: For larger laboratory spaces, this unit offers a higher capacity with a flow rate of 1200 cubic meters per hour. It's perfect for open lab areas, collaborative research zones, or settings where maintaining air quality is paramount.

With our Lab Fan Hepa Filter Units, you can ensure that your lab air is effectively filtered, removing impurities and contaminants. Keep your work areas free of dust, particulates, and potential contaminants, creating a safe and efficient environment for your research and experiments. Stay tuned for our upcoming pre-sales and optimise your lab for success in the upcoming year.

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