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70mm Modified Lids For Liquid Culture

70mm Modified Lids For Liquid Culture

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Introducing our modified 70mm lid, designed with innovative features for enhanced functionality and convenience in your mycology projects.

Crafted from durable autoclavable polypropylene, this mason jar lid is built to last. It features a silicone gasket that creates an airtight seal, ensuring optimal conditions for your fungal cultures.

One of the standout features of this lid is the heavy-duty medical grade rubber self-healing injection port. With a 13mm hole, it allows for easy and sterile inoculation of your culture. The self-healing properties ensure a tight seal after each injection, minimizing the risk of contamination.

Equipped with a 0.3um micron Microppose filter patch, this lid provides excellent gas exchange while preventing unwanted contaminants from entering the jar. The filter patch allows for proper airflow, promoting healthy mycelial growth.

The polypropylene barbed bulkhead connector, accompanied by a silicone washer and polypropylene nut, offers a secure and leak-proof connection through the lid. This connector is tapped, allowing you to attach other accessories or tubing for specialized applications.

For convenient transfers, the lid includes a 3mm ID silicone tubing. (Which is cut to the perfect length for use with a 1 Litre jar).
The female polypropylene luer-lock connector ensures a reliable and easy connection to various devices or tubing.

Lastly, the male cap and viton o-ring guarantee a gas-tight seal, preventing any air leakage during your cultivation process. This feature is crucial for maintaining the desired environmental conditions within the jar.

With our modified 70mm lid, you can create a controlled and sterile environment for your mycology experiments. Upgrade your mason jars with this advanced lid and take your fungal cultivation to the next level.

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