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Autoclavable Plastic Jar Lids (70mm & 86mm) For Mason Kilner & Ball

Autoclavable Plastic Jar Lids (70mm & 86mm) For Mason Kilner & Ball

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Introducing our replacement Autoclavable Plastic Jar Lids in 70mm and 86mm sizes. These high-quality lids are designed to fit standard jars and are perfect for various applications in mycology, liquid culture, and canning. With their autoclavable nature, these lids ensure the sterilization of your jar contents, providing a safe and hygienic environment for your experiments and preservation needs.

Crafted from durable and heat-resistant plastic, these jar lids offer reliable sealing and protection. Their sturdy construction withstands high temperatures during the autoclave process, maintaining the integrity of your cultures or canned goods. The 70mm and 86mm sizes provide versatility, accommodating different jar sizes based on your specific requirements.

Key Uses of Autoclavable Plastic Jar Lids:

Mycology: These lids are ideal for creating a sterile environment for mushroom cultivation, allowing for contamination-free growth and development.

Liquid Culture: Use these lids to secure your liquid culture jars, ensuring a sterile and controlled environment for the growth of microbial cultures.

Canning: Preserve your homemade jams, pickles, and sauces by sealing your canning jars with these autoclavable lids, maintaining freshness and extending shelf life.

Whether you are an avid mycologist, a laboratory researcher, or a home canning enthusiast, our Autoclavable Plastic Jar Lids are a reliable and essential tool in your endeavors. Invest in these durable lids for their versatility, convenience, and ability to withstand sterilization processes. Safeguard your precious cultures or preserve your culinary creations with confidence. Choose our autoclavable plastic jar lids for optimal performance and peace of mind.

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