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50ml Centrifuge Tubes For Agar Slants - 10pk

50ml Centrifuge Tubes For Agar Slants - 10pk

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Enhance your laboratory's agar slant preparation and storage with our 50ml centrifuge tubes. This convenient 10-pack of tubes is designed to streamline your agar slant creation process and improve your microbiological work.

  • Optimized for Agar Slants: These centrifuge tubes are the perfect solution for creating agar slants, providing an ideal vessel for preparing and storing your microbial cultures.

  • UV Sterilisation: Before shipping, each tube undergoes a thorough UV sterilisation process. This extra layer of safety eliminates any potential pathogens, maintaining a sterile environment for your microbiological work.

  • Laboratory-Grade Quality: Built with durability in mind, these tubes meet the standards of laboratory work, ensuring you have reliable tools for your microbiological endeavours.

Upgrade your microbiology lab with our 50ml centrifuge tubes. Enjoy the convenience of easy agar slant preparation and confident long-term storage of your valuable cultures.

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